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Proxy for RuneScape
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The best proxy for RuneScape on

Multiplayer online game Runescape takes attention of players because of interesting quest-line, high quality graphics and an opportunity to earn real money. Botting in RuneScape is difficult in many ways, but the most important is control of IP-addresses of users. If someone is suspected in usage of multiple accounts admins block every account of this player.

Easiest way to prevent the ban of in-game accounts is a few proxy-servers,that can open a door to fantasy world. Proxy for RuneScape help to

  • lower the risks - When launching multiple accounts from one IP address, player is risking to lose everything at once. Using a proxy-server to enter the game, risks to get ban go down to the minimum.
  • Don’t be a suspect - admins of Runescape always track activity of player. Partly, it’s made to analyze the game to make further updates. But, on the other hand, they see when players use bots. Connecting to Runescape through a couple of proxy-servers, player can earn money and don’t be suspicious to admins.
  • Keep the official IP-address clear - any player, that is using bots, has an official non-profit account. Connecting to a proxy-server for bots, users prevent his main account from getting banned.

Proxy for online game gave to meet these two requirements:

  • Support protocol of connection SOCKS5 - modern MMORPG use protocol of connection SOCKS, that why choosing a proxy, users should look only for those, that work through these protocols. Any attempts to play through HTTP or HTTPS protocols are pointless.
  • Belong to only one player - proxy servers for earnings in online-games should be individual. Shared proxy can’t provide high connection speed and can be a reason of games’ data lost.

Usage of reliable proxy server for online-games opens a whole new world of opportunities to earn in online-games, but you should keep an eye on your dealer of proxy.

Choose and buy a proxy for Runescape on our site

If you’re going to buy a proxy on our site, you will get an individual access to remote IP-address, that opens all opportunities of free botting. Technical support and excellent characteristics of our equipment let users earn even more with no needs to worry about admins of the game