May i buy proxy-server for e-mail spam or scamming?

Unfortunately you can't, these purposes are forbidden by our terms of use.

What is the difference between proxy and package proxy?

Our proxies are anonymous and will be used only by a client bought it. Package proxies making big amount of proxy purchase easier. Also there are discounts on certain packages - 10%.

What authorization method is available?

Proxy authorization available by Login and Password or by IP-address (works only if IP is static)

Which protocols are supported?

Our proxies supporting: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.

Are lease term discount summs up with proxy amount discount?

Yes, it does. For example, when you buy 100 proxies for 12 months you will get 27% off. 15% will be for the amount and 12% for the lease term.

Can i receive a proxy from different subnets?

Yes, of course. We are trying to provide proxy with different subnets for every client.

What should i do if my proxy is not working?

If you are facing troubles with proxy - contact our online assistant. Our specialists will find and fix what caused you a trouble.

Can i replace a proxy during paid period?

Proxy replacement only possible in first 24 hours after you have received your order. If you buying proxies for more than a month you can replace it in any time but only 1 time per month.

Your proxy individual?

On our site you can only buy individual proxies.

Can i extend my proxies?

Sure thing. Three days before the expiry date you will receive a letter to the email about extension. You can pay for the extension in User Control Panel. If you have any questions - contact an online assistant.

How long will i wait after i made a payment?

After your payment were received proxies will be send on your email within 20 minutes.

What proxies you have?

You can buy IPv4 with great subnet choice and big location list.

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