How to fix IP address conflict error on Windows

An IP address conflict on Windows usually occurs because one of the computers on the network is already using the IP address you are trying to use. Below we described in detail how to fix the IP address conflict error. We recommend that you try to solve the problem first in the more straightforward ways that are presented first.


First, try restarting your computer and router. Even this may already be enough to solve the problem.

If you are using the Internet without a router, then reconnect the network cable. Pull it out, wait a few seconds and put it back in.

Contact the provider's technical support

If you rebooted or reconnected the network cable, but it did not work, then the ISP may know what is causing the IP address conflict. Probably the problem arose precisely through his fault, so we recommend contacting the provider's technical support for a solution.

Fix the network adapter settings

If following the previous recommendations did not help resolve connection problems, you can try to solve the problem as follows:

  1. Look at the taskbar. There is a special icon that is responsible for the network connection. Right-click on it.
  2. If you are using Windows 10, then after clicking, you will see the option "Open Network and Internet settings". Choose it.

    If you are using a different version of Windows, you need to go to the "Network and Sharing Center". This is done in approximately the same way, but taking into account the peculiarities of your interface.

  3. Click on "Configure adapter settings".
  4. Go to the "Network Connections" menu. Next, you need to right-click on the icon responsible for the settings of your primary network connection.
  5. Open "Properties".
  6. Select the "IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" option from the general list.
  7. Open "Properties".
  8. Here you need to set the parameters "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain a DNS server address automatically". If you already had these settings, then just click "OK".
  9. Restart your computer.

Connect a static IP address

Using statistical IP addresses over time can lead to repeated errors since another computer on this network has the same IP address. However, if you need an urgent solution to the problem, and the previous methods described above did not help the case, then follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the icon located in the lower right corner of the taskbar, which is responsible for network connections.
  2. Open the network settings by clicking "Open network and Internet settings" if you are using Windows 10. Go to "Network and Sharing Center" if you are using a different version of this operating system.
  3. Select the "Configure adapter settings" option.
  4. Find the icon of your network connection and right-click on it. After that, go to "Properties".
  5. Click on the IP Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) option. After that, go to "Properties".
  6. Select the Use the following IP address option.
  7. Find out the IP address of your router. Copy it and enter it in the "IP address" field. Replace the last digit. The new number needs to be 100 more than the previous one. For example, if initially there was a number 1 or 10 in the end, you can write 110.
  8. Click on the "Subnet mask" field. You don't have to enter anything here manually, since the subnet mask data will be automatically pulled up.
  9. In the "Default gateway" line, enter the IP address of the router you are using.
  10. Select the Use the following DNS server addresses option.
  11. You can enter the number "" in the "Preferred DNS server" field.
  12. In the line "Alternative DNS server" you can write "".

After completing these steps, the Internet on the user computer should work. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, we recommend that you contact the specialists who have already repeatedly helped people fix the error of the IP address conflict.