How to set up a proxy server on PS4

To start using proxy servers on your Sony PlayStation 4, you need to make specific settings in the network settings for that game console. How to do this is detailed below. Follow the systematic instructions to set up a proxy server on your PS4.

What is a proxy server on PS4 and why should I use it

Using a proxy server, you will be able to establish a connection between your game console and the sites you visit through a technical intermediary.

Why use a proxy server on PS4:

  • unblocks inaccessible social networks and streaming services;
  • helps to bypass personal IP bans;
  • will hide your data when using the Internet;
  • will provide additional protection against network attacks and account hacking.

You can even speed up the Internet through the PS4 proxy. To do this, it is better to use a proxy located as close as possible to the geolocation of the server on which the web resource you need is based.

Systematic instructions for setting up a proxy on PS4

How to use a proxy server on PS4:

  1. Start PlayStation.
  2. Go to the "Library".
  3. Go to "Settings".
  4. Open the network settings - menu "Network".
  5. Select the "Set up an Internet connection" option.
  6. Determine the best way to connect to the Internet: via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.
  7. If you chose to communicate via Wi-Fi, then you will need to find your network and connect to it by entering the appropriate password.
  8. When the "IP Address Settings" section is highlighted, select the "Automatic" answer.
  9. At the DHCP Hostname prompt, answer Do Not Specify.
  10. In the "DNS Settings" and "MTU Settings" sections, select the "Automatic" answer.
  11. When the "Proxy" section opens, click "Use".
  12. Enter the IP address and port number of your proxy, and then click “Next”.

After completing these steps, a connection test will begin. If it is successful, then you can use the Internet through a proxy server. In case of an error in the "Get IP address" item, you will need to replace the proxy.

How to find proxy server address for PS4

How to find a proxy server address for PS4? A way without attachments is to look for free proxies that are publicly available on the Internet. You just need to copy the IP and port of the appropriate server and then enter this data into the settings of your game console.

Please note that finding a reliable free proxy is nearly impossible. Most of the servers listed on the public lists are down. The rest, which at least starts, can disconnect at any time due to overload because, in addition to you, many other users will use them.

A more reliable way is to purchase a paid private PS4 proxy server. Based on a quality server with personal access, web pages will load faster, and connection problems will be avoided.