Bypass Internet restrictions at school

By using a proxy server for school, you will bypass any internet restrictions within your school. With its help, you will be able to visit blocked sites while hiding your real IP address. Due to the proxy server, you can use the Internet anonymously from your computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

What can you use a proxy to bypass Internet restrictions at school

By setting up a proxy server on your gadget, you can solve many problems:

  • open access to blocked sites;
  • avoid the ban by IP on forums, social networks or on any other websites;
  • cache data to speed up your Internet connection;
  • improve ping in computer games;
  • hide your data and protect it from intruders;
  • without the risk of blocking, use programs for the automatic promotion of accounts in social networks.

Proxy servers are useful for free surfing the internet, unblocking video games, downloading torrents, and many other processes.

Do proxies work on the school Internet

Proxy servers can be connected on any device: personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. They will be useful regardless of whether your gadget will work on Wi-Fi, school local network or 3G / 4G, etc. To start using a proxy server, you just need to copy its data and specify them in the network settings of your device.

Proxy recommendations

To organize efficient work based on a proxy server, follow five tips:

  1. It is better to buy a proxy from a reliable company, rather than search for free on the Internet.
  2. Before purchasing, check the performance of the proxy server you are interested in.
  3. Pay attention to the geolocation of the proxy - the closer the proxy is geographically located to the server on which the visited site is based, the higher the connection speed.
  4. Use a separate proxy server for each account in social networks or games to avoid getting banned.
  5. If you are unable to configure a proxy on your computer independently, then contact the specialists of the company where you purchased the server for remote configuration (usually you do not need to pay anything for this service).

What proxies to use to bypass school blocking

It is better not to use free proxy servers for bypassing school blocking. They are publicly available on the Internet, so they are used simultaneously by several users. Many proxies from those offered in free lists have often already been banned on websites and in search engines. Also, most of these servers have not been active for a long time, but they remained in the lists, so you still have to spend a lot of time looking for a working proxy. Besides, when you find it, it is not known how long these proxies will last in an active state.

Paid proxy servers are much more reliable, secure, and stable. They are given personal access by login and password or IP-address. Only you and those you trust can use them.

Choosing a proxy by type

The best proxy servers for schools are elite proxies. They completely hide the real IP address of the device to which they are connected. Also, elite proxy servers do not declassify the fact that the connection is made through a proxy.

A less reliable option is anonymous proxies. They are cheaper. This type of server hides the real IP address and geolocation of the computer or mobile device but leaves the fact of using a proxy server visible. That is, it will be possible to track that the transition is carried out through a proxy, however, it is impossible to find out who makes it.

After purchasing proxy servers, all that remains is to configure them correctly. In the blog post on our website, you will find detailed instructions on how to set up a proxy server on your computer, phone, and tablet.